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Where to buy replacement Panasonic microwave parts

A microwave is one of the essential tools of the modern kitchen and one which adds a great deal of simplicity and ease to the life of a cook. When something goes wrong with our microwave, like a turntable or other oven parts which need to be replaced, being without your microwave can be a major hassle. Buying the right replacement parts is key to getting your microwave up and running again.

From Panasonic

If you have a Panasonic microwave which is in need of parts, often the best thing to do is to speak directly to Panasonic's customer service. You can visit to find information about how to make warranty claims, how to find authorised repair companies and how to get into contact with a company representative who can help. Why contact Panasonic customer service? When you buy parts directly from Panasonic or from an authorised repair company, you may very well get a better result than if you buy components which are not Panasonic components. After all, the parts will be specifically designed to work and fit with your particular microwave. Warranty If your unit is stil under warranty - and most are under warranty for around a year - then you may not even need to buy Panasonic parts at all. The company may send you replacement parts for free to install or use yourself or may send you an authorised repair man to fix your microwave who brings his own parts. Of course, this does not apply if you break something due to your own carelessness or wear and tear, like the turn table.

Third party supplies

You may also get Panasonic microwave parts from third party companies which sell microwave parts, repair and supplies. This may be an electronics store or a big box store like Lowe's or a local repair shop which does repairs on microwaves and other electronics. Before you buy third party parts, though, you should make sure that this will not void your warranty.

Used parts

A third option is to buy used parts or a used Panasonic microwave which is broken or no longer needed by its owner. A broken microwave may have salvageable parts and may have just the part you need.

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