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Where to buy solar powered security lights

Over the last 20 years or so, security lights have become increasingly popular. Whilst they were mainly associated with business premises at one time, as the technology improved and they started to become mass produced, they gradually made their way into homes along the length and breadth of the country. With people becoming more concerned about energy costs, it is understandable that they are increasingly interested in renewable energy. This article will show you where to buy solar powered security lights.

The benefits of security lights and reasons for choosing solar power

Uses and benefits of external security lights Having an outside security light is beneficial for a number of reasons. One of these is the simple fact that they can act as a deterrent to potential crime, the most obvious of which is burglary and theft. Should any potential thief decide to snoop around your home during the night, the last thing that they want to do is to be seen. Security lights have a sensor that detects motion which upon doing so, causes the light to activate. The length of time that the light stays illuminated for is often able to be altered by the owner, and the angle at which the motion detectors are set at, will determine how close someone has to be before it is activated. The angle is also important in regards to what exactly sets the light off - if you point it too low towards the ground, you'll have a light going on and off constantly due to nocturnal wildlife, and this could be most irritating for your neighbours.
Why choose a solar powered security light? Traditional mains powered solar powered security lights use linear halogen bulbs that are high wattage and therefore considerably expensive to use, both in terms of the amount of electricity consumed but also in the fact that the bulbs don't generally last too long and are expensive to replace. With solar power solutions, the only cost is in the initial outlay in buying the equipment. There are no electricity costs at all and as the they use LEDs, home security lights of this nature can typically last for upwards of over 10000 hours of continuous use.

Where to buy

Here are a selection of places to buy solar powered security lights from:

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