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Where to find DVI to VGA cables

In this article I will detail out what is a DVI cable, what is a VGA cable, what are they used for and the place where can I get them.

What is a DVI and VGA cable

DVI cable
This stands for Digital Visual Interface. It is a cable that bridges the gap between two devices such as a computer and its display device. Most computer monitors have an input for this form of connector. DVI to your monitor is used for higher definition resolutions. You can find this cable just about anywhere. Any electronics store or computer shop should be selling them. If you don't know where to look, just ask the store staff. VGA cable
This stands for Video Graphics Array. It is a video cable that bridges the gap between a device and its display. It is most commonly used for computers because of its compatibleness with multi resolutions. You can order a VGA cable online, or find them at just about any electronics store or computer store. Cable prices tend to be very low, between US $5 and US $10 approximately. Use
All computers graphics cards with have the VGA cable on the exterior. It is the most universal and well used cable. It is even used as an accessory on laptops so you can set your laptop up at a desk and either have a larger monitor or use the laptop and another monitor to have two screens to work with.

Other cables to consider

HDMI cable
Another monitor cable you might want to consider would be an HDMI cable. Many new computers have HD capabilities, especially media PCs. What is the point of a HD computer if you don't have the monitor? What is the point of an HD monitor and computer if you don't have an HD compatable HDMI cable? For HD to work properly, you need to have all three components in order for the computer to be HD capable: the computer, the cord, and the monitor.
If you need a special HD cable to bridge the gap
You might want to consider an HDMI cable to transfer HD signals to your computer monitor. HD cables are also very useful because they can transmit audio files if you link it to a television. It is the HD video and Audio all-in-one. It is rather inexpensive and you get the same quality experience as multiple video and audio cables.

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