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Where to find Microsoft Office tutorials?

Microsoft Office is a computer software, consisting of word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, publishing and database program. Moreover, they are used in many areas of business. The software can be used to create professional looking documents for any purpose. However, some of the features of these programmes are particularly complex and require some kind of tutorial in order to use them correctly. This article shows where to find Microsoft Office tutorials.

The Microsoft Office website

The Microsoft Office website provides a wealth of information on how to use its office products. There are a number of video tutorials on the website which provide step-by-step instructions on how to use Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher and Access. Each of the videos is a few minutes long and guides you through the stages of creating a spreadsheet or a leaflet for example. Online training
In addition to the Microsoft Office website, there are also many other free sources on the internet which provide tutorials. These tutorials can be based upon learning Word or Excel and you have the choice to customise your learning to suit your requirements. Some online tutorials could be through a video, whilst others are delivered through a typed article or information to enable you to either print out or work with the instructions, while the Microsoft Office program is open on your computer.

Other sources of help

If you visit your local library, there will be a section of books about computers. Within this section, there will definitely be some self-help books, whereby you can work through at your own pace, focusing upon particular chapters or sections to build your knowledge and skills of a certain function of Microsoft Office. Courses
Within the local community, the adult learning service or local college may offer Microsoft Office training, through computer classes, for free or a small cost. These courses generally last for approximately 12 weeks and cover all the basics of Microsoft Office. Furthermore, it will offer tuition on Excel, Word, and perhaps other Office programs. The course will cover the basics of the software and provide an overall introduction to how the software can be used as well as the types of documents that can be created.

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