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Where to find cheap Tokyo accommodation

Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world. However, with the economic downturn, things have improved a little as far as a Japanese hotel is concerned. One can find cheap Japanese accommodation all over the 23 special wards of Tokyo. A good option is a bed in a dormitory or a tiny twin sharing room. Read this article to know where to find cheap Tokyo accommodation.

Capsule hotels

A look at the Tokyo hotel listing will show the most expensive, for example, Park Hyatt which featured in the movie Lost in Translation to the least expensive in a capsule hotel. A capsule hotel is only for the brave male. There are only a few female capsule hotels. A capsule bed allows you two cubic metres of space and has a curtain instead of a door.

Hotel's charge per person

One should always remember that a hotel in Japan charges rent per person and not per room. So, whatever the rate is, if four people stay in a room, the basic rent will be multiplied by four. The superb transit system in Tokyo allows one to choose a hotel room in any ward of Tokyo. In case of a business traveller, the choice of a hostel in Tokyo or a Tokyo hotel should always be near the workplace.

Apartment's good for groups

Business hotels near train stations charge high rates per night and the rooms are really small. This is an aspect that one has to learn while staying in Tokyo - rooms are always going to be small. A Japanese apartment for four people can be economical. A smaller apartment accommodating three people in Minato near Roppongi station can be cheaper, but extra money will be charged for a guest.

Right accommodation and an adventurous spirit

A furnished apartment for three or four people is perfect. A reasonably priced Sakura hotel and Sakura hostel can be ideal for individuals. Sakura means cherry blossom. A room in a Sakura house is great for young travellers. These are very popular establishments for international tourists. It is a matter of personal choice, for there is no shortage of hotels in Tokyo. Hotels fill up on weekends, and one should reserve online in advance. An adventurous spirit will go far in making your stay pleasant. Everything is different from the food to the exotic temples. Even the public toilet system is an art to be learned. Each ward in Tokyo has some historic monument. Final word Tokyo with its urban sprawl is the biggest city in the world with 35 million people, and therefore it is not surprising that in the capital city of Japan, housing is so expensive. Tokyo holidays can be fun if one chooses the Tokyo hotel carefully.

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