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Where to find cheap mattresses

Buying cheap mattresses can be a good way to save money. Your mattress is covered by sheets and blankets, so it doesn't need to be fancy. This article will show you where to find cheap mattresses.

Where to look

Choice of mattress
The mattress should be comfortable, basic and provide you with a good night sleep. However, beyond that, most people don't necessarily care much about the brand of mattress, or where it comes from. This means that you can find a great idea of mattress, if you aren't especially picky about brands or styles.
Mattress stores The best place to find a cheap mattress just may be your local mattress store. Mattress stores are very competitive with each other, and offer great mattress deals, especially around the holidays.
Price comparison You can watch for sales and advertisements promising to beat any price. You can search for different mattresses at different stores. This will help you to find the lowest price, and then see if you can get a competitor to price match and go even lower.
Foam mattress or divan beds If you are welling to get things like a foam mattress or divan beds, then you may even be able to get a better price. This can be done by simply shopping around and comparison pricing out different mattresses and mattress sales. Local department stores and discount furniture stores Local department stores and discount furniture stores can also offer you great bargains on mattresses. For example, national freight stores, which sell unclaimed freight may have good bargains on even king mattresses, which tend to be the most expensive.

Other sources

Online shopping You can also consider shopping online to buy beds. The cheapest online sites to get mattresses are usually going to be auction sites, like eBay or discount Internet retailers, like
These websites sell a wide variety of different mattresses and mattress toppers.
Shipping fees Buying foam beds online can be the cheapest way to go, because foam is light and it doesn't require heavy shipping fees. Still, online stores like Overstock and even some eBay sellers will be willing to offer free shipping on any bed you buy.
Online classified ads Online classified ads can also point you to local dealers, who may have inexpensive mattresses for sale. You should usually try to stick to a dealer, rather than buying a used mattress from an individual. This is because even if the used mattress is cheap, it may not necessarily be sanitary.

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