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Where to find college student jobs

If you are attending college/university at the moment or will be planning to do so shortly, the chances are you'll be searching for a job in order to save money. This guide details out the best places where you can look to find part-time work, temporary jobs and other ways to earn money for your studies.

On the Internet

The first place where you should be looking is online. Large business chains will always advertise vacancies on their websites, so grab the nearest computer and start applying. First of all, look at: -Clothing shops
-Pub/Club chains
-Recruitment companies
-Jobs websites (such as Gumtree) Whilst the above are examples of part-time, on-site work, remember to check out promotions websites and register. You will often find this work to be very well-paid, and you only work whenever you want to! Note
Bear in mind that companies may take a while to reply and they tend to constantly update their job listings, so be patient while waiting for a reply.

On the street

The next port of call is to get out and start physically looking for jobs. Walk around your local area and city centre with plenty of CVs. Whether there are vacancies advertised or not, walk into every single pub/club/shop/football ground etc that you can find and enquire about jobs. Even if you are told that there is nothing available, give the authorities concerned a CV just in case something comes up. Remember: Do ask everywhere, particularly if you have previous experience, i.e. in retail or bar work.

College university help

Most colleges/universities will be engaged with local businesses, so you can either look online or else contact the appropriate department in person to register with them to find part-time work. Local businesses will always be interested in the trainees that your college can offer - a large number of potential workers is thus available at short notice. This may either be direct employment (such as the campus shop) or freelance work during particular events such as open days and fayres. Don't forget to ask on campus whether there are any part-time jobs. These are often the most suitable as you can fit the job around your lecture hours.

When to look, and the best way to get the job

Make sure you start applying for work as early as possible; depending on your academic year, the best time is usually mid August until future employment. Ensure that your CV is the best it can be, and that you are well presented and enthusiastic when interacting with potential employers. You could apply for dozens of jobs, but the key is making yourself as employable as possible.

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