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Where to find curtain tie backs

Tie backs are loops or bands of fabric which hold curtain or drapery panels back from the centre of the window. You can make curtain tie backs with matching or coordinating fabric to custom window coverings. Most tie backs are one to four inches wide. However, the lengths of the tie backs depend of the amount of curtain being pulled to the side.

Section one

- Measure the curtain to determine the amount of fabric needed for the tie back.
- Wrap a measuring tape around the panel at the desired angle, making sure the tape aligns with the tie back hook.
- Determine the desired width of the tie-back then double it and add one inch.
- Measure the length of the tie back.
- Take the length of the fabric and add one inch.
- Cut a strip which is half inch longer and one inch wider than the fabric.
- Centre the interfacing on the fabric fusible side down.
- Fuse interfacing to the fabric.
- Press the interfacing with a clothes iron according to the manufacturer's directions.
- Fold the fabric in half lengthwise so that right sides are together.
- Pin the raw edges together, but reserve a three-inch gap opening in the centre.

Section two

- Machine stitch a half seam from one end to the opening.
- Use a backstitch, or a few stitches in reverse to prevent the thread from pulling out.
- Lift the foot and move the fabric, drawing enough thread to re-position the fabric under the foot on the other side of the opening.
- Backstitch a few stitches,then continue stitch to the end.
- Lay the curtain tie back fabric flat, centring the seam.
- Iron press the seam allowance open.
- Stitch a half inch seam across the end of both sides.
- Use a backstitch at the beginning and end of each seam.
- Turn the fabric right side out by inserting tweezers and pulling the material through the opening.
- Hand stitch the opening closed with a slip-stitch.
- Attach the curtain tie backs to the holder on the wall.

Ideas for buying

You could also attach tassels to your tiebacks and holdbacks. Curtain tassel fringe make fantastic curtain trimmings, as do beaded curtain tiebacks. Or you could go even further and create beaded tassels for your curtain ties. Don't forget colour makes a great statement too - they do not have to be the same colour as the curtain. How about black beaded curtain tie backs over a red curtain or blinds. What about your tie back hooks? Metal and glass tie backs hooks always make a statement and nothing makes better curtain tie back hooks than brass drapery hooks. So, go on make a tie back today!

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