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Where to find free online learning sites

Get training in a variety of formats like text, videos and audio. You can also learn through online training, instructor led classes, e-books, articles and forums. Check out the top two sites for free IT training and beginners' computer science, here.

Go to Microsoft

Here is what you can learn at Microsoft website: 1. Microsoft software programmes 2. IT training 3. Computer science for beginners Microsoft software programmes Go to (select target hub). Choose from among these subjects: 1. Windows operating system 2. Office products 3. Forefront security 4. Hardware 5. XBox and PC games 6. Design tools, photos and publishing 7. Zune 8. Internet and MSN 9. Servers 10. Developer tools 11. Audio and video (Windows Media Player) 12. Reference and educational 13. Business solutions (CRM, Office 365, etc.) 14. Personal or home finances IT training courses Go to (Manager Catalog). Select 'all training formats' and type 'free' into the search bar. You will find free IT training in the following formats: 1. IT training online 2. Classroom training 3. Learning plans 4. e-Books An online IT course is self-paced and suits independent individuals. The computer online classes are instructor led within a structured format. Learning plans give you the roadmap for learning resources to help you toward your goal. You can download the e-books right away and learn the basics through text. If you are interested, go to (uk education students learning)and see how you can be a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP). If you have the IT academy pass, you can gain extra IT skills online for free. You can also purchase software programmes here at cheaper prices. Some are free to download. Computer science for beginners Go to and learn beginner programming languages through articles and videos. You can also get tips and tricks, free software programme downloads and more.

Go to Google

Here is what you can learn at Google: 1. Google products 2. Computer science for beginners Google products Google offers a wide range of products that serve both home and business users. For a complete list of help available, go to (support). Computer science for beginners Go to to learn about coding and programming languages through courses, tutorials and videos. Test yourself with problem sets and exercises. If you are a professor, you may submit a course lecture here.

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A guide to studying at the University of Houston-Clear Lake

A guide to studying at the University of Houston-Clear Lake

The University of Houston-Clear Lake (UHCL) is a higher education institution based in Houston, Texas. It dates back to 1971 and today, has a total of more than 8,000 students enrolled on its courses. Throughout its four different academic faculties, it offers up 85 degree programmes - 40 Bachelor's, 44 Master's and one PhD.
Nursing programmes: The facts

Nursing programmes: The facts

Before you can become a registered nurse, you must complete your nurse education. There are a number of ways to do this including online nursing courses and nursing degrees. This article gives a guide in the appropriate way to gain the best qualification which makes you stand in the best position to go on to have a rewarding and succesful nursing career and what are involved in nurse programmes.