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Where to find free wallpaper downloads

So, you're thinking of downloading wallpapers for your desktop, while looking for wallpaper to download may be easy, there are still so many things that you should look into before downloading the wallpaper of your choice. Below is a short guide on how you can find the desktop and cell phone pictures as well as screensavers for free.

What makes a wallpaper stand out?

There are different kinds of wallpapers and screensavers available for download online. Hence, you should know how to pick the right wallpaper or screensaver. Needless to say, some wallpaper stock may be too old fashioned and may not be compatible with your desktop or cell phone. It is also important that you choose a wallpaper which fits in with your style and personality. Choosing a wallpaper for your desktop or cellphone is like choosing a shirt to wear, regardless of how great your shirt looks. Looks won't matter, if it doesn't fit in with your style and personality.

What to consider when looking for free wallpaper downloads?

Downloading from pictures, wallpapers and screensavers from free wallpaper websites can be risky. There is the risk of downloading scrappy wallpapers or the risk of getting infected by malicious ware and other computer viruses. Before downloading anything, you should first make sure that your computer is protected by anti-virus programs and other security applications such as those from AVG or Norton. Similarly, it is also essential that you download only from reputable sites in order not to be a victim of cyber crimes like identity theft and scams.

Top websites where you can download wallpapers for free

The following are some of the most reliable websites from where you can download pictures, screensavers and wallpapers for free. Download Free Wallpapers has a huge collection of free wallpapers on themes such as animals, sports, nature and plants as well as flowers. Desktop Wallpaper provides some of the most stylish and high quality free desktop screensavers and wallpapers online. Downloads from Desktop Wallpaper are compatible with most Windows and Mac versions. Aside from the usual animals, plants and nature themes, My Free Wallpapers also has a library of movie and cartoon-themed wallpapers and screensavers. Some of their most popular wallpapers available for free download include concepts from Star Wars, The Simpsons and King Kong.

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