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Where to find paid surveys UK

Doing online surveys and getting paid for it is becoming a popular way to earn a bit of extra money. This article looks at where to find these sites where you can get money for doing surveys, the types of surveys offered, and some hits and tips on going about it all.

Where to find paid surveys in the UK

There are a large number of these sites which allow you to take surveys for extra cash, and the quickest way to find them is to do an internet search. The problem is that some are much better than others. In discussions, frequently comes out on top in terms of value for money and interesting surveys. They do not offer actual online cash, but you can save up the money and redeem it for shopping vouchers in a number of stores, inclusing Tesco and Amazon. Another good site is Consumer Intelligence, found on

Types of surveys offered

Usually, the surveys will be on a variety of subjects, from shopping habits to travel to entertainment to technology. Generally, you have to fill in an online profile so that the relevant suveys can be emailed to you. However, sometimes this will happen, but you will still not fit the required quota. This can be annoying, particularly if you have spent five to ten minutes already getting to that point. There are also sites offering the opportunity to take part in consumer focus group discussions. These are hard to find in your own area unless you live in London, and it can be difficult to get accepted for them. They do, however, pay very well indeed in some cases, and can be a good way to earn money from home.

Hints and tips on finding paid surveys

Surveys are getting longer! Some of them can take up to half an hour, and only pay about £1-2. This is rarely a great way to earn a lot of money online. The pay on the whole is very low for the amount of time taken. 50p to £2 is usually the normal basic pay, except for focus groups. Sometimes you get shopping vouchers, or get entered in a prize draw instead. It is a good way to make pin money in your spare time, but you won't be able to live off it. DON'T pay to join any of these sites! You shouldn't be asked to, and none of the reputable websites will ask you for money upfront. Good luck!

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