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Where to get replacement vertical blind slats

When exactly vertical blinds were invented is not certain. Archeologists may have found etchings in an Egyptian tombs which consisted of rushes hung vertically over windows openings. Next came bamboo vertical blinds in China. The designs of vertical blinds have come a long way. Neither are they no longer made with rushes, nor are they the plain, metal slats of the 1950s. However, occasionally you will have to replace vertical blind slats. There is more than one method of doing this.

Retail stores

The first place to look for replacement slats for vertical blinds is in the store where you bought your blinds. Often, the stores will have replacement kits that will help you. However, if you inherited the blinds with the house or apartment, you may have to look further. A larger building supply store might have a wider selection, but you may still be out of luck if your vertical blinds are old.

Window treatment store

Going to a store that specialises in window treatments will give you a better chance of finding a wider selection of vertical blinds as well as vertical blinds that cover a wider range of styles, including ones that may not be found in more general retail stores. The specialist store might also have access to custom blinds not available elsewhere, whether they are faux blinds, fabric blinds, bamboo blinds or wooden blinds.

Used parts

If the specialist store or retail store does not work for you, then the alternative method would be to look for used replacement slats. You can find parts by going to yard sales and flea markets, or online auctions and estate auctions. Even if you cannot find replacement slats there, you might be able buy a blind to replace the one that's damaged, or at least use parts from it to replace the missing pieces. Another alternative is to go to online blinds stores. These stores may have older and used vertical blinds in stock as well as replacement parts for them. There are auction sites like or It would be a good idea to get as much information as you can before buying the blinds.

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