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Where to buy kitchen faucets

Plumbing has certainly come a long way. The first plumbing existed in Crete in the Minoan Palace of Knossos around 1700 BC and consisted of piping made of terra cotta. Lead pipes followed with silver faucets in Rome about 1000 BC to 476 BC. While silver faucets are no longer the rage, practical, easy-to-use faucets for the kitchen are. Fortunately, they are available at more than one source.

Hardware store or building supply store

Hardware stores or building supply stores are a source for kitchen faucets. There, you will find many styles as well as prices represented. The kitchen faucets include pull out faucets, faucets with one or two handles, faucets with high, arching shapes that allow you to put large pots in the sink, faucets that look old-fashioned as well as modern faucets. Sinks and faucets sold as a unit are also an option. While the selection is fairly broad, for an even larger selection of kitchen faucets, going to a store specialising in plumbing fixtures will help.

Plumbing fixture stores

Plumbing fixture stores like Urban Interior or City Plumbing Supplies are able to offer a wider selection of kitchen faucets with brands like Price Pfister, Moen faucets, Grohe UK and Kohler faucets. The styles of the kitchen faucets offered at specialist stores such as these will be broader. You will also be able to find sink fixtures that can help you create a cohesive style for your kitchen.

Online retailers

Online retailers can offer what brick and mortar stores cannot: low overhead. This is reflected in lower prices, often free shipping, and more. Moreover, the online stores are able to offer a wider selection that the building supply stores. If there is any overlap, the prices of the kitchen taps are cheaper than in the brick and mortar retailer. The faucets offered are also from big-name brands lime Franke, Abode, Grohe and more. There, also, you will be able to find mixing taps and faucets with a variety of finishes from nickel to brass. Another thing some of these retailers can offer is a period of six month to use the sink before deciding to return it for refund. According to Simply Kitchen Sinks, most retailers offer only a week trial period.

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