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Where to get updated street maps for UK online

When looking online for how to get a car from A to B, it is best to be using up-to-date street maps so that you can find your way around without having to resort to your huge A-Z roadmaps or rely on your sat nav. So, where do you get the updated street maps for UK online?

A-Z online

Good websites for accessing updated world maps and street maps would be any site that has an A-Z online system. These systems will do the same as your normal A-Z planners and you should have access to updated maps, so long as you use reliable websites.
Route master systems
The most reliable will be recommended by search engines, so just type in “updated street maps in the UK” and see what sites come up. These kind of route master systems will have up-to-date OS maps (ordinance survey maps) available online.

AA routefinder

Another useful website for up-to-date street maps in the UK would be the AA Route-finder website. On, there are plenty of AA maps available and they will be up-to-date and ready to be used to find your way around the UK. Advantages The advantages of using AA route finder are that you get accurate and up-to-date AA maps, detailed directions to get you from A to B and advice on how much petrol your journey will take.
In terms of disadvantages, there aren’t really any, except the fact that maybe there are other easy sites to use for this, such as RAC maps. However, the AA road-watch system is still fairly easy to use and is an effective system.

Google maps

This all being said, possibly the easiest and always updated street map site is the Google mapping section of the Google site. Accessing street maps
To access street maps, global and in the UK, go to the Google home page and look in the top left corner for the maps Google application, which will take you through to the map website and allow you to access the updated street maps which are on there. Detailed directions and petrol prices Google maps also give you detailed directions for your journey and petrol prices, whilst having an application that allows you to change your route with a few clicks, allowing for easy online driving. Google Earth application Another section of the Google website that is useful for seeing your route is the Google Earth application. This gives you a bird's eye view of the route and is very handy for looking at potential parking spaces and giving you an idea of the traffic of the road on a given day.

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