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Where to receive asbestos training in the UK

Since asbestos was declared a health hazard, every person who comes into contact with asbestos as part of their everyday life is required to have an asbestos awareness training. This policy applies to employees of asbestos-containing building or people whose entire work is to deal with asbestos. For this reason, there are many institutions in the UK that offer various asbestos training courses. Read this article to know where to receive asbestos training in the UK.

Who needs asbestos training?

Anybody may find it necessary to have asbestos training as part of precautionary measure in life. However, there are specific people who are required by law to undergo asbestos training. These include those people who are most likely to come into contact with asbestos on a regular basis. Examples include maintenance technicians, asbestos surveyors and asbestos manufacturing companies. People who live in
asbestos-containing residents or workplaces are advised to take up asbestos training.

Types of asbestos training courses

There are a variety of courses which one can take regarding asbestos. Most training institutions offer asbestos awareness training, surveying and asbestos management courses. They also offer courses to certify and give licence to asbestos handlers.

Where to get asbestos training in the UK

A number of renowned and accredited institutions where one gets asbestos training is present in the UK. Below are the most common and famous institutions. UKATA - United Kingdom Asbestos Training Association This offers asbestos training where one can choose from three available packages. The first category (category A) aims at creating asbestos awareness to the trainee. This enhances the ability to see and to recognise asbestos-containing material. The second category (category B) is for non-licensed asbestos handlers who are likely to cause intentional asbestos disturbance. This includes maintainers, samplers and analysts. The last group (category C) is intended for licensed asbestos workers who have a higher risk of asbestos contact. This is for people who are involved in installation and removal of asbestos. One can do a training application on their website. NATAS Asbestos These have embarked on the notable e-learning process of asbestos training. Trainees do not have to appear physically in class. You only need to register and to pay for an online e-learning portfolio to access the training. Other institutions in this scope of training in the UK are: Asbestos safety training, UK Asbestos Specialists (UKasL), SSR London and AAA Asbestos training.


It is not wise to risk your health while you are aware that you might come across asbestos. All asbestos training courses are very affordable and only take a short time. Therefore, it would be no excuse to risk your safety and those around you.

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