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Where to rent a movie online

At home and stuck for something to do? Too lazy to go even to the cinema? This article looks at ways to brighten up a dull evening and places to rent a movie online. Renting movies online has never been easier, and today there is huge competition for movie and DVD rentals. This article provides you with an overview of where to rent a movie online.

How to rent movie online

With access to the Internet, you are within a few clicks of hiring new releases, timeless classics and your all-time favourite films. Steps
The task is a piece of cake. Simply select a reputable movie provider, register an account, type the desired film into the "search" bar, and make the required payment. You can also choose between viewing the movie online or having the DVD sent by mail.

Where to rent movie online

Love Film (
Offering over 67,000 DVD movies and 3,000 online, Love Film is one of the leaders in UK movie rentals. Choose from a selection of user plans, offering limited to unlimited access. DVDs are sent by first class mail service and include an envelope for the DVDs free return. Plans start from £5.99 per month.
Blockbuster (

Following their unrivalled High Street success, Blockbuster branched out to online movie rental. All of the latest DVDs are available just as in the stores. Plans start from £4.99 (UK) and $11.99 (US), which includes a free two week trial. Movies are delivered and returned in the same way as Love Film. iTunes ( or iTunes) iTunes offers films that can be downloaded to be watched on your iPod, PC or laptop. Once downloaded, the movie can be moved between devices, but only viewed one at a time. Movie rental on iTunes comes without upfront monthly fees. Films start from as little as £0.99 and are available from 24-hours to
30-days. Netflix ( The biggest rival to Blockbuster in the US, Netflix offers over 100,000 deliverable titles, plus 17,000 downloadable. Using the same mailing format as Love Film, Netflix offers speedy delivery to 95% of the US. Netflix offers a two week free trial, after which plans start from $4.99.

Final word

Now, there is absolutely no excuse for being bored and, with the option to watch directly and online, you don't even need to leave the house.

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