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Where to study for a degree in nursing

If you have set your heart on studying for a nursing degree, you will find that there are a number of factors that will influence your choice of university. In this article, find out about the factors that you need to consider when deciding on where to study for a degree in nursing.


University requirements To study for a nursing degree, you will need to meet the entry requirements of your chosen university. If you plan on becoming a nurse, you are likely to be studying either A level qualifications or an equivalent qualification, such as an NVQ Level 3 in Health and Social Care or an Access to Nursing course at school or college. Each university sets its own entry requirements for its courses in nursing, so it is important that you check that your qualifications will be accepted. GCSE GCSE qualifications are required by all universities. This means that anyone wishing to study for a nursing degree will require at least five GCSEs including English and Mathematics at grade C or above. You can visit the UCAS website - the website which deals with university admissions - or the universities’ own websites to check the entry requirements for their nursing degree programmes.


When deciding on where to study for a nursing degree, you will wish to consider the location of the various nursing schools that will accept your qualifications. You may wish to study in or around your home town or you may desire to move further afield. There are benefits and drawbacks to both options and you will wish to consider them with care. You may even desire to study abroad. Before applying to study for a nursing degree, ensure that you enquire about the cost of living in your chosen university’s location. If you choose to study in a big city, you will incur city living costs and may find it necessary to have the appropriate budget for this.

Course content

When applying for a nursing degree, you will be required to choose a branch of nursing to study. You can choose from three options: adult nursing, paediatric nursing, or mental health nursing. It is essential to determine whether your chosen university offers the branch of nursing that you wish to choose as not all universities will offer students the chance to study all three branches. You may also wish to investigate the healthcare settings that your university is associated with and the quality of nursing education they are able to provide. This is essential as you will be required to take up a practical work placement at one or more nearby healthcare settings during the course of your degree.

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