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Where to watch Pokemon episodes online

Pokemon was released in 1996, first as a trading card game, then on the Nintendo Game Boy. Pokemon also launched a successful anime series and a series of feature films. This article will have a look at where you can watch all the Pokemon episodes online.


YouTube has a selection of Pokemon episodes available. These may not be of the highest quality, as many of them are recorded from the television. YouTube can remove videos at any time, particularly if it is copyrighted material. When you are searching for the videos, you need to make sure that you type the episode number so as bring up the most relevant results. Some of the earlier episodes are hard to find, but by doing considerable searching, you will be able to find them. -YouTube also carries many fan-made and official music videos, so searching for the specific episode may not be as easy as it is on the other sites.

Dedicated sites

A quick Google search will reveal many sites which stream Pokemon episodes on your computer. Most of these will have complete episodes and in some cases, every episode that was made. A few of these sites carry advertisements that you need to click through so as to get to your episodes. One of these sites lists the latest episodes on the home page as well as listing every Pokemon series in order. The videos load quickly and are usually playing before you even have chance to remove the pop-up ads. Quality suffers a little bit once you go into full screen mode, especially on the older episodes, but this could be the problem with the computer rather than with the actual site.


There are many places to watch online Pokemon shows online. Some of these sites are better than others. In some cases, streaming these shows is illegal, so be careful of this fact. Quality can also be an issue, depending on how the videos are uploaded and the age of the original episode. In most cases, the episodes appear to be DVD rips, but most videos on YouTube are TV rips and carry the logo of the channel from which they are recorded. The key to this is to search out the best site for yourself. is the best site, but there will be more sites out there. There are also other streaming sites mega video which can return with no results for free Pokemon, suggesting that they had all been removed, but Veoh could be worth a look.

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