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Which Acer laptop accessories should I buy?

The Acer company makes computer devices, including desktop computers and laptops. They are seen as one of the cheaper choices for buying computers, but their computers do come with a large number of laptop accessories. Detailed in this article are some of the accessories.

3G Bluetooth dongles

The 3G Bluetooth dongles are great accessories for keeping multiple computers in touch with each other. It gives users the ability to send files to each other wirelessly and with minimum effort. Also, once the dongle has been bought, it makes sending the information between people free and very easy. It works in exactly the same way as Bluetooth does with mobile phones.


Acer has a huge range of cables available that perform various duties. USB cabes are available for connecting your computer device to USB compatible devices through the USB ports. Ethernet cables are also for sale for connecting devices to the Internet. Optical cables are useful for connecting your computer device to a home cinema system so that you can watch things on your television that are sourced from your computer.

Graphics tablets

A graphics contestant consists of a flat surface on which users can draw and write on and whatever has been produced shows up on the computer screen. It is effectively a pen-drawing apparatus and is fantastic for enabling hand-drawn pictures to be inserted into a computerised format. Some Acer laptops already come with this tablet as a standard part of the device, but it is a very useful piece of apparatus.

Keyboards and mouse

These days, most laptops come with a simple tablet for operating the pointer on screen. For those who prefer to use the traditional mouse, these are readily available from Acer. All home laptops come with a standard keyboard, but Acer now has wireless keyboards available so that you do not have to sit right near the computer screen when typing.

Protection and security

Acer offers a range of home protection and security packages. Duty locks are available to ensure that if your device is lost or stolen, nobody can access your personal information. Acer also provides good access to anti-virus software to protect your device against potentially threatening viruses.

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