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Which is the best disposable digital camera?

Disposable digital cameras are great alternatives to bigger, bulkier more expensive cameras. One of the best features of a disposable camera, is just that, it is disposable. This disposable digital camera made by Fujifilm is small on size but, big on quality. But don’t let that fool you.

The Fujifilm Quicksnap 400 Speed Single Use Camera with Flash

Description of the camera A disposable digital camera takes great pictures and is perfectly suitable for fun times out or family vacations. Here are some information about one of the best disposable digital cameras available.
Features of the Fujifilm Quicksnap The Fujifilm Quicksnap is lightweight and simple to use. It comes equipped with 27 exposures per camera. It is offered in a bulk pack of 10 cameras per pack.

Positive points

Benefits It is equipped with fine-tuned sharp lens with a powerful quick flash system that comes with a pop-up flash indicator. The flash range is approximately 10 to14 feet. This camera is very lightweight and can be carried several at a time if you are traveling.
Facilitates wedding photo shoot If you happen to be newly engaged in the planning your wedding, a new trend seems to be providing your wedding guests with disposable cameras and then giving them back to you at the end of the reception. You develop them and add them to your wedding photo album. The Fujifilm Quicksnap comes in bulk packaging of 10 which makes it an ideal camera for your wedding guests. Easy for kids to use This camera would be great to give to the kids so that they can take their own pictures from their own perspectives. It is basically just a point and shoot camera so there’s no fussing with controls. Furthermore, the camera is even loaded with Superia X-TRA 400 35mm film

Negative points

Low flash range Some reviews indicate that the Fujifilm Quicksnap is not ideal in low lighting situations. Since the flash range is 10 to 14 feet, and anything further than that is going to be out of range and most likely will not come out well once developed. The pictures can be grainy if used in low-lighting situations and the flash is not reaching the subject.
Winding mechanism
There also appears to be a malfunction with the winding mechanism in these Fuji disposable cameras at times, but this seems to be a rare occurrence for the most part.

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