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Which laptops are best for students?

In this day and age, laptop computers form an essential part of any student 'kit' as they enable them to easily take notes, research or write essays at any convenient place or time. So which laptops should students consider and which are those that are far from than ideal laptop for students?

The amateur user

Most students need a laptop for simple word processing,internet access and maybe Skype or other instant communication services. For such needs, a cheap windows laptop is more than sufficient. A lightweight laptop is also more useful as it can be easily carried around. Battery life
It is also important to look at product reviews to determine the battery life. Since students often use their laptops around campus, they may not be able to find a power socket to recharge the battery. So, a laptop with 5-6 hours' life would be a major advantage to the student. Test the size and keyboard
It's probably best to get a laptop computer from a shop instead of online in order to test its weight before buying. You may take whatever bag you'll use around campus to test if the laptop fits properly inside your bag. It is also advisable to test the keyboard before buying. Student discounts
Don't forget that students are often entitled to student discounts, so ask the Students' Union for retailer advice.

The expert user

Professional laptops
While amateur users may choose between laptops and notebooks,an expert user may opt for a more professional laptop. In specialist fields, Apple computers are often used, but you may find some other options as well. For example, Compaq and Toshiba seem to be solid reliable laptops, although their battery life are much less than Apple's. Guarantee
You should always get a 3-year guarantee in order to easily get your laptop fixed in case of any technical problem. Make sure to use an external hard drive to back up important data so that your information will still be available to you in case of technical failure. Conclusion
In my opinion as a recent graduate, Apple is the best choice for laptops since they are well-built, solid and reliable with good battery life. They also offer excellent customer support in comparison to other manufacturers. Since Apple stores have a built-in service center, they should proceed with the repairs fairly quickly. Modern Apples can also be set to run Windows as well as Mac OS.

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