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Why is your computer running so slow

The more you work on your computer, the slower it will get. Most of the time, you'll find that your computer's performance is due to many programs running at the same time, but there are other reasons also. Here are the top three reasons for a computer running slow and how to fix it.

Too much happening at the same time

This is the main reason. No matter, whether you have a Dual-core or Quad-core processor, eventually you'll do more than your computer can really handle and it will cause it to slow down. To speed up the computer, you'll need to stop the processes. Find the ones running in the background While you may need the programs that you're currently running, there are some that will run in the background which you will not notice. The majority of them start, when your computer boots by default. Stop all the processes that start automatically, unless you genuinely use them.

Not enough space on your computer

Every time, you add something to your PC, you'll take up memory. This means less space is available to run some processes and do the general things, so it'll slow everything down. To speed up a computer, you need to make some memory available. Some external hard drives The best thing that you can do is buy some external hard drives and move all the music, photos and videos from your computer. You can now buy hard drives with large amounts of space and they're light to carry around with you as well as useful for those who have laptop computers. Removing programs from your computer won't work as well, since they're designed not to take up space. Consider adding virtual memory If you can't create memory on your computer by deleting files, then you should look at using virtual memory. This is available over the internet and will help you to temporarily restore the computer's speed.

Gaps and the registries on your computer

Most of the time, you need to go through a computer clean-up process because the problems will be within the registries. Other problems are because of gaps in the computer system. These are caused by a variety of problems, including removing programs and not running the correct computer maintenance on a regular basis. Restore your PC quickly Within a couple of hours, you could have your computer back to normal. You'll need to use the disk defragmenter which is in your Start Menu and then into System Tools. You'll also need to invest in a registry cleaner which will need to be run on a regular basis.

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