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Why to buy a Breville kettle?

Breville is the premier company for electric kettles, and they can be more expensive than other brands, in terms of quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. However, Breville boasts a variety of different kettles, each one with a suite of features, that sets them apart from many other brands of electric kettles.

Types of Breville electric kettles

Breville kettles vary in price, quantity and range of capability on a sliding scale. However, all of them are quality-made by experienced craftspeople from stainless steel.
Ikon kettles
For example, Breville offers the Breville Ikon suite of kettles. The Ikon Electric Water Kettle 1.7 from Breville Appliances is an affordable stainless kettle for kitchen use. It can hold up to 54 fluid ounces, and shuts off automatically, when the water is done, alerting the user with a pleasant chime, instead of an annoying beep. Variable temperature kettle
The variable temperature kettle, another member of the Breville products family, has those features, plus a programmable timer that lets you heat water to several preset temperatures, each one optimal for a different type of tea. A Breville jug kettle of, at least, this quality is a must for the tea connoisseur.
Breville one-touch tea maker For serious business, there's the Breville one-touch tea maker. This model features a glass kettle, and does just about everything that the user would need to produce the perfect cup of tea. People can heat the water to the optimal temperature, brew the tea for the optimal amount of time, and keep the water warm for hours, without scalding the tea. This will allow the user to enjoy this ancient, healthful beverage throughout the day. It even comes with its own reusable kettle filters.

The Breville family

Availability of home appliances Breville UK offers a suite of other home appliances, by democratising the modern kitchen, and allowing you to elevate your kitchen experience with only one shopping stop. The list includes Breville irons, Breville blenders, Breville toasters, and the Breville sandwich toaster. Along with a water filter kettle with a quality stainless steel jug, the Breville kitchen can become a reality.
Affordable prices
In a modern society, defined by keeping-up with the Joneses, Breville gives its customers, an easily and ultimately affordable way out of the emulation rat race. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can have a state of the art of Breville kitchen on its way to your front door in less time. You can have a nice time shopping, and can also keep Breville on your list of kitchen appliances, both for the present and the future,

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