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A biography of French Stewart

Milton French Stewart was born on the 20th of February, 1964 and is better known by his stage name, French Stewart. He is an American actor who is best known for his role as Harry Solomon on the 1990s sitcom, 3rd Rock from the Sun. This article gives an overview of his debuts and achievements.

The early years

Stewart was born Milton French Stewart in Albuquerque, attending Del Norte High School. His mother was a homemaker, and his stepfather was a microfilm technician. Stewart studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and toured in regional theatre for seven years before breaking into television with the role of Razor Dee, a spaced-out DJ on the final season of The New WKRP in Cincinnati in the year 1992. In 1994, he made his film debut in the military science fiction film, 'Stargate', taking on the role as Lieutenant Ferretti.

3rd Rock from the Sun and other successes

In 1996, Stewart was cast on the hit sitcom '3rd Rock from the Sun' playing the role of Harry Solomon for six seasons. On the show, Stewart was noted for his talents for physical comedy and his "squinting" facial expression. Since the end of 3rd Rock in 2001, Stewart has appeared in a number of minor roles, mainly in situation comedies such as 'Becker, 'The Drew carey Show' and 'That 70's show.' Stewart went on to be cast in a number of comedy films, with major roles in the direct-to-video films Home Alone 4 in 2002 and Inspector Gadget in 2003. Guest star He also appeared as a guest star in the TV show, Phineas and Ferb. In the episode "Run Away Runway" (2008), he acted as the fashion designer, Gaston Le Mode. In July 2010, it was announced that he would be guest-star in the Season 4 premiere of Private Practice alongside Currie Graham. The TV show would consist of Russell (Graham) and his mentally ill brother, Kevin (Stewart).
Theatre Stewart has moved into theatre and has recently produced and co-starred in the dual role of Queen Victoria and Sigmund Freud in Watson: The Last Great tale of the Legendary Sherlock Holmes at the Sacred Fools theatre.

Personal life in the present day

Stewart married the actress, Katherine Lanasa on May 19, 1998 after they met when she made a guest appearance on a 1996-episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun. They divorced in December 2009 and in June 2011. French then married the actress, Vanessa Perkins. He has no children to date.

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