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A buying guide to get the best men's cologne

With a range on the market to rival that of women's perfume, choosing a cologne can be a daunting but rewarding task. Discover the variety of scents available on the market, and how to select the perfect one for you.

What colognes are available?

Here, discover how to buy cologne with the best fragrances, and whether or not they suit your personality. Diesel's "Only the Brave" This comes in a distinctive blue, fist-shaped bottle and is distinctive, yet unobtrusive. This is best suited to you if you would describe yourself as a "loveable rouge". Alluring, with a subtle sense of excitement, it is definitely one to check out. DKNY for men This is a distinctive citrus scents with unique undertones of sandalwood. This will suit you perfectly if you are kind, sensitive and at one with nature. Hugo Element by Hugo Boss If you like going on holiday to beach locations, be sure to check out Hugo Element by Hugo Boss. This light, subtle cologne has undertones of the ocean underlined by a seductive cedar wood. You will love this if you are
love to be in the sun. Italian Cypress by Tom Ford Finally, if you would consider yourself to be something of an academic, why not check this out? A fascinating fragrance, this combines cloves with spices and patchouli. This is definitely the fragrance for you, if you enjoy the finer things in life like malt whiskeys, great wines and fine food.

How should I choose a cologne?

The best advice when it comes to choosing a cologne is not to select one you like the smell of. Select one that smells like you. Odour becomes embedded in memory and association. So, picking the right cologne can take it from something you spray on your neck, to something people associate with you as soon as they smell it. How to choose cologne On top of the few listed above, there are thousands of colognes available on the market. But how should you go about choosing the perfect one for you? Firstly, never spray more than one cologne on yourself at a time, even if you are only testing. This will leave you confused about exactly what you are smelling. To avoid this, many fragrance shops and department stores now provide small strips of cardboard on which to spray fragrances. How to test cologne Head down to your nearest outlet and get testing! Spray a little on to the piece of card, waft it in the air, then let it rest for a few seconds before smelling it. If you feel over-faced by the amount of choice, speak with your shopping assistant about what you are looking for.

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