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A buying guide to laptops from Falcon Computers

Are you interested in purchasing a new Falcon PC? Are you wondering where to find it and how to buy it? If you don’t want to spend your valuable free time searching, visiting department stores and browsing through hundreds of technology websites, you should read the following article and find out all the interesting facts that you should know about laptops from Falcon Computers.

Falcon Computers products

Falcon Computers can offer a wide range of products, including laptops, tablets, peripherals, software products, computer systems, monitors etc.

Falcon Computers laptops

Types of laptops
If you are interested in purchasing a laptop from Falcon Computers, visit Falcon’s official web site at and click under the ‘Laptops/ Tablets’ section. You can select the type of laptop you want between Netbooks and Notebooks. You can find a wide range of laptop brands, including Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung, Fujitsu, MSI, Dell and other popular brands. Second user Laptops Falcon Computers also gives you the opportunity to select the laptop of your choice among a vast variety of used laptops. If you are interested, select the ‘2nd User Equipment’ section.

Falcon online shop

If you want to purchase a laptop from Falcon Computers online, you should visit the company’s official website, follow the registration process and create your personal account. After successfully registering and activating your Falcon account, you can log in, using your personal username and password, and start shopping. When you have found the laptop that better suits your needs, you should put it in your electronic basket and place your order.

Additional information

Location You can find Falcon Computers located at 190-206 Roker Avenue in Roker, Sunderland. The company’s visiting hours may vary – therefore, you should contact Falcon Computers before visiting.
Contact If you have any unanswered queries, do not hesitate to contact Falcon Computers. You just have to visit the company’s official website and click under the ‘Contact Us’ section. You can contact a Falcon Computers agent by phone, fax or post using the phone or fax number or the postal address provided.
Email contact You can also send your email enquiry to Falcon Computers and a Falcon agent will get back to you as soon as possible.

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