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A guide to Bodum glass products

Bodum is a tableware and kitchenware products company known universally across the world for its quality products. It has a reputation for the durability of the company’s glass products with them being much of better quality than many of their rivals. To learn more about Bodum glass products, read the guide below.

Quality of Bodum products

Founded The company of Bodum was founded by Peter Bodum in 1944 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was moved to Switzerland in 1978 by the founder’s son Jorgen to be more centrally placed in Europe. Leading products They are known as the world leaders in the quality of their French presses. In fact, the words ‘French Press’ has been registered as a trademark symbol in many of their overseas territories. They also make vacuum coffee brewers and double-walled Bodum glass mugs and cups.
Durability of the product
Bodum uses borosilicate glass which is much more resistant to thermal shock or high heat temperatures when exposed to microwaves. It does not explode or shatter with the frequency of products made with lime glass such as Pyrex or other similar products.

Bodum glass products available

Double-walled products
Bodum produces over 200 different products within its range; many of these are double-walled glass beverage cups and mugs. The double walling allows the cup or mug to be safely handled without the heat being transferred to the outside surface and having the risk of causing a burn to the fingers or hand of the person holding it. Another advantage of this product is that ice cold drinks can be served without the chill being transferred to the outside of the glass. French Press Across its range of products is the French Press or cafetieres, from small one or two cup sizes up to eight cup models. There is a variety of replacement glass parts also available across the range of this product that helped make the company famous worldwide.
Tea press Bodum also make a tea press as an alternative to its traditions within the coffee making industry. The tea press allows the use of both loose tea leaves and tea bags to be used within this glass teapot.

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