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A review of Morphy Richards' kettle range

Morphy Richards was founded in the 1930s by Donal Morphy and Charles Richards. The company quickly became known for "innovative, modern appliances." In fact, some of the earlier designs for their products are still being used. This innovation is reflected in the range of Morphy Richards' kettles. This guide will explore these kettles.

Jug kettles

Electric kettles are among one of the range of kettles that Morphy Richards carries. In this category are kettle jugs. These kettles are electric and come in various styles and colours. The colours of the kettles range from stainless steel to red kettle, cream, black, green, purple, white and silver. The kettle jugs allow you to choose the temperature at which you wish the water to heat as well as adjusts, according to the amount of water that you put in the kettle.

Travel kettle

The travel kettle is a smaller version of the jug kettle. It is capable of holding 1/2 litre of water. The kettle has a concealed element and what the site describes as a "cool touch" handle. It also possesses an automatic shut off as well as a "fail safe cut-off." It has a stainless steel body with black accents and handle.

Tea maker

Morphy Richards includes the tea maker among its kettle offerings. The tea maker is electric, like the electric kettles, and has a clear body. The water is heated inside the kettle and is directed over the tea in the basket at the top of the tea maker. The tea maker can be used to make tea with leaves as well as bags. One of the handy features is the "20 minute keep warm from boil" which helps to preserve the taste of the tea.

Traditional kettles

Morphy Richards has traditional kettles that are electric but resemble the usual style of kettles that require a burner to heat the water within it. These kettles come in various colours such as red, plum, silver, blue, cream, green, copper, and brushed or polished steel. These kettles have a variety of handle styles that feature open handles, and those that are oval or round in shape. The kettles feature "retro styling."

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