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A guide to CD release dates

When you are waiting for your favourite band or artist to release their new CD, how do you know what the release dates are? Where do you look to find upcoming music, CD movies and upcoming releases? This article will tell you everything you need to know and more.

From the horse's mouth

To begin with, it is always best to go straight to the source of the music for the newest albums- i.e. the band/artist or their record label. If you want the new Eminem rap CD, for example, it’s best to look on his personal official website or his label’s website, Shady Records. If the album release is due, there will be some sort of announcement on the said website telling you when and where it will be held.

Go to the professionals

Another handy web source for the new release of an album title or the album itself would be those whose job it is to know this stuff for a living: journalists. If an online magazine does not know when an album is coming out, they can’t do a music review or song reviews. The likes of NME etc. will be aware of specific release dates. All you have to do to find the latest release, is to search these sites.

Use your ears

Arguably, the best source for the latest songs and latest albums is the radio. It is the DJ’s job to play the newest songs and to know when new songs are due to be released. If a radio show didn’t play the latest hits and provide information about upcoming songs, it would soon go out of business! So, tune in to the likes of Radio 1 to hear the most recent music and hear information on upcoming albums. It’s simple, use your ears!


My final hint to you, when looking for information about new CDs out, new tunes and new albums, is to sit in front of the television and have a look. There are plenty of entertainment-based TV shows that will know the latest CD releases and recent songs. Tips If you have Sky TV, try the music channels. “Scuzz” and “Kerrang”, for example, will have plenty of songs from the most recent rock album and the release dates will be shown too. So, the best advice that can be given when you are looking for your new musical fix is simply to look for it and the information is available almost anywhere!

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