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A guide to Gateway Technical College

Gateway Technical College is a state technical college which serves the community in Kenosha, Racine, and Walworth counties in the American state of Wisconsin. This article serves as a guide to Gateway Technical College.

History and location

Gateway Technical College can trace its origins back to state legislation in 1911, with its direct predecessor Racine Technical college opening its doors to students that same year.
The state-sanctioned Kenosha Technical School opened in nearby Kanosha a year later. By 1994, several colleges had come together to form the state technical college system, which was now called the Wisconsin Technical College System. The name 'Gateway' had been adopted in 1972 at the prompting of the District Board for the Gateway District. The college's major campuses are now located in the towns of Kanosha, Rachine and Elkhorn, with an additional gateway centre situated at Burlington.
In addition, Gateway offers vocational courses and customised training programmes to the wider community at four Advanced Technology Centres.

Learning and lifestyle

Other features The Gateway community of the college consists of around 29,000 students each year, and is focused on vocational learning.
There are around sixty-five career career training programmes on offer, with around 5,000 students being equivalent to full-time. Located throughout south-eastern Wisconsin, the Gateway's community and technical college facilities are intended to increase the economic viability of the state by increasing the skill levels of the workforce. The efficient use of 'tax payer dollars' features prominently in its mission statements. The ethos of the college centres on pragmatic, hands-on training, as well as offering flexible learning methods. The online program sets students a fifteen-week time limit to complete course, but they can finish sooner than that if they work well, and then move onto the next course. This means that students do not have to stick to the traditional semester structure of the typical academic year. The college offers a series of tours and campus visits to prospective students, as well as having a program of visits by staff to High Schools, or to specific classes, to help explain how the college functions and what it offers. Final word Prospective students also have the opportunity to 'shadow' students from their subject area of interest for a day in order to get a close look at what the institution can offer them.

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