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A guide to Hot Topic clothes

Hot Topic is a clothing label based in the US. This article investigates the range of products on offer, and how to purchase them.

What is Hot Topic?

Hot Topic was established in 1988 as a music-related accessories store, and rolled out stores in malls across the US. In 1990, clothes were added to their range of products.
The original Hot Topic website was launched in 1997 as a music and clothing retailer, and can be found at The brand is now one of the top clothing stores in the US, with well over 600 stores and two stores in Canada, as of April 2008. The online Hot Topic store sells clothes with an alternative indie vibe. The clothes are a must for hot goths and indie kids, but Hot Topic has something for everyone with its relaxed vibe. Designs
Their designs are young and fashion forward, and are driven by the music scene and by popular culture. As well as being inspired by music, the brand also looks to cartoons such as SpongeBob and South Park for design ideas. For those who want to adopt a similar vibe in their outfits, but find the brand a little too edgy or emo, then Buckle clothing store ( has a similar range of clothes, for a more casual weekend look.

Clothes and brands available from Hot Topic

Variety of clothing
Hot Topic sells cool jeans, hot tops, fab band t-shirts and cute dresses at affordable prices. The brand also sells lingerie, swimwear and sleepwear. Unisex clothing
For guys, the range of band t-shirts, slogan t-shirts and hoodies is fantastic. Hot Topic also stocks an excellent range of jeans for guys and girls alike. The girls' range also includes rock-chick band tees, and tops.
Brands on sale
Brands sold by Hot Topic include Levis, Dr Martens, Converse, Rocket Dog and many, many more cool labels to help you achieve that indie vibe. Hot Topic is licenced to sell Twilight merchandise, and also stocks TV, movie and pop culture-related apparel, including some really cute zippy Hello Kitty Hoodies.

Other ventures

Hot Topics clothing range has really expanded in recent years. The brand launched in 2001, bringing fun, fashion-forward clothes to the plus size girl. Torrid sells clothes labels including Jezebel, Betsey Johnson and Ed Hardy.
Charity work
The brand has also launched a charity, called the Hot Topic Foundation, which seeks to enrich the lives of deprived children, through art and music. The charity raises money by seeking donations and by selling promotional accessories such as lapel pins. Advice
For those who want to purchase Hot Topic clothes in the UK, the website is now available to a European audience, though prices are still in dollars and shipping costs may be high.

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