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A guide to buying a granite sink

Granite consists of mica, quartz and feldspar. The only stone harder than granite is diamonds. The Egyptians were perhaps the first to use it as a building material, lining the interior of the great pyramids with the rock - a lining which was stolen to build homes. Its use continued through the ages, extending from buildings to sinks and counter tops. This article details out a guide to buying a granite sink for your home today.

Kitchen sink: Single and double

Granite sinks work well as kitchen sinks. They can come with single and double sinks. Some of the single bowl sinks can come with drain boards which can be used as a cutting board. The bowls do not have to be of the same size, but have one which is smaller to the other. The smaller bowls can be angular or have a half circular shape. The depths of the bowls vary as well, from smaller, shallow bowl deep ones which can hold many pots at once. This is usually an undermount sink, which means that it is installed beneath the surface of the counter. Some sinks are 86% granite mixed with 14% acrylic, or some other combination. These sinks are durable and can be cleaned easily. The colours vary from white, charcoal grey, green, and often many more shades as well. They can be square, rectangular, circular and more. Brands names include Schock, Blanco, Astrocast, Franke and Carron sinks.

Kitchen sinks: Farmhouse

A farmhouse sink is also known as an apron front sink.This is because one of the sides is left exposed. These sinks look rustic and work well in kitchens which are traditional. These farmhouse sinks can have large, single bowls or double bowls. These sinks can be polished black, red, white and other colours and can be squared and rectangular. The sinks can be highly polished and have a round outer side or a roughed one. Brand names include Sink Co, Franke and more.

Bathroom sinks

Granite works well as bathroom sinks. They are circular, oval and other shapes and can be undermount or can sit on top of the vanity or counter in the form of a vessel sink. The vessel sink looks like a basin or a bowl which sits on top of the surface of the counter. These sinks can be made from other brands as well as Lavabo.

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