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A guide to buying a modern computer desk

A modern computer desk is a must-have for anyone that uses their PC for any length of time. It needs to be functional and comfortable to work at and an increasing requirement is that it needs to look stylish too. There are many factors to decide upon before purchasing a desk and here, this article will guide you through some of them.

Things to consider

Size matters
PC desks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The first thing to consider is the size that you need. This also needs to be balanced with the space which is available. Whilst having a large computer desk may seem like a nice idea, especially with the physical workspace real estate on offer, it might be a bad choice when you have got limited room in the office or room in your home that you're going to keep it in. If you have a lot of equipment, that you'll need to use the desk for (such as more than one monitor for instance), the feeling of claustrophobia this may cause could certainly have an effect on your productivity. Storage space
Are you likely to need storage space that is easily accessible? You may have a large number of CDs or DVDs that you need regular access to, for instance. If so, then you really need to look at a desk that will accommodate this. There is nothing more unproductive than having to keep walking away from your PC to get something that you could readily have to hand. Price
Price is an obvious factor to consider. Whilst cheap desks might seem like a tempting option, is this price also reflected in the design and functionality of the desk?
Home or office use?
Is the desk that you want to buy going to be for home or office use? Whilst a generic office desk may be fine for your needs, home desks are increasingly used in common living spaces within the home, such as the lounge. The design and style are something that should be taken into consideration in this respect. Seating
Seating is as an important part as the computer desk itself. Will a simple office stool or chair suffice, or would you benefit from the comfort and luxury of a leather desk chair? Comfort is the key with productivity!

Final thoughts

Once that you've decided on the right desk for you, then shop around! For a little extra effort considerable savings can be made just from a little extra research.

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