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A guide to buying a super king duvet

Simplicity is beautiful. So, why make the bedding for your super king bed complicated with bed sheets, quilts, and blankets when you can just keep it simple and beautiful with the perfect superking duvet? Here is how you can choose the right duvet for yourself and your family.

Duvet filler and sheet

A duvet is essentially a flat sheet bag filled with insulating material. This filler is the most important part and is usually down feather or goose feather. The price range varies according to this filler. The basic kind would be traditionally used common down feather, whereas European White Duck Down would be incredibly luxurious. However, in case you do not want to purchase a down duvet and you are allergic to down or feathers, then you can buy non-allergenic duvets, which are made with artificial fibres. Your feather down duvet or fibre duvet can be encased in a cotton fitted sheet. You can also try organic sheets or luxurious Egyptian bedding sheets.

Tog rating

Your duvet is supposed to keep your super king bed warm. The thermal performance is measured by a tog rating. This duvet tog is very important as it measures the warmth of the duvet. A higher tog rating means a warmer duvet. For the summer, 2.5-3 tog would be suitable. For the winter, 13-15 tog would be cosy and warm.

Duvet cover

A good duvet is incomplete without the duvet cover. The standard super king size duvet cover would be 260 X 220 cm. The biggest advantage of a duvet cover is that it is washable and replaceable. Duvets cannot be washed because water will ruin the filler. Therefore, duvet covers are a necessity to protect your duvet. The cover can be a part of the bedding set, or you could purchase different interchangeable covers. Reversible covers can be used to minimise laundry. The duvet cover can have buttons, ties or a zip system to keep the duvet in place. You can customise your duvet cover to match the material of the duvet, or you can purchase it separately in cotton, silk, rayon, etc. To sum it up A good duvet for your super king bed is definitely a home investment worth making. It is a refreshing change from traditional bedding and can be used in all seasons. The right duvet will last for a long time, and changing the duvet cover whenever you desire can transform the look of your super king bed.

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