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A guide to buying beds for kids

As your toddler grows up, he or she will require a bigger bed to sleep in. This article presents the important elements that go into choosing kids' beds while ensuring that it meets your requirements.

Types of kids' beds

Bunk Beds
Bunk beds UK ranges are great for maximising the utility of limited spaces. With two beds stacked one above the other, this type of bed is the favourite one among parents with twins or even with a single child who would like to have friends sleep over. Loft beds
This variant is pretty similar to a bunk bed. However, the room for the lower bed is replaced with a desk, char and storage area. These beds with desks are good space saving products and provide the all-in-one feature for your child, as most of the furniture is concentrated around and under the bed. Themed beds
From race car beds to a Knights castle beds, these fancy beds come in variety of shapes, sizes and themes. In fact, fire engines and cars for bed are quite popular as are fairy themed beds. Trundles
These beds have another bed tucked underneath them. When your child has a friend staying the night, you can easily slide this out and turn it into a double bed. Another variation of this bed would be the drawer beds, where inside the extra bed you would have pullout drawers for storing clothes.

Kids' beds and furniture tips

Kids’ furniture will always go through changes and buying the right type of bed, mattress, and other items requires some planning. Box springs and mattresses
A box spring will provide for ample support when placed under the mattress. Good mattresses and quite durable and can withstand a child's trampoline games. Nevertheless, remember to take your kid along to test the mattresses that falls within your budget. Bunk beds that separate
If you decide to buy a bunk bed, you might want to consider a product that allows you to separate both beds. This is particularly handy, and allows you to adapt the furniture according to the needs of your child.
Final advice
Finally, always set a budget before buying kids furniture, as the costs can easily get out of hand.

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