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Where to buy a small single mattress

If your children will soon outgrow their baby beds, think of purchasing a bed with a small single mattress. There are many choices out there that are going to fit the bedroom beds of your offspring. Find out in this article where you can buy a small single mattress for your kids.

Using small single mattresses for kids

Benefits Single mattresses are used on kids beds. Beds made of wood and pine beds look and feel great with a single mattress. They are ideal for growing children. To sleep on a bed with little disturbance is one of the best ways to get a full night's rest. If your kids are sharing a room on wooden beds, fitting small single mattresses is ideal. Single mattresses help your kids to sleep soundly because each one has his own space. Children often thrash or move a lot in bed to the point that no one will be able to sleep at all resulting to a disturbed sleep or sleep deprivation. Getting individual mattresses is the ideal solution without putting your children through separation anxieties, especially if they are twins. If your offspring has his/her bedroom, sleeping on beds with single mattresses is a gradual transition from a cosy and snug baby bed to a slightly larger one. Your child won't feel so lost and alone in a small single mattress than on a big mattress. Size The dimension of a small single mattress is 190 cm (L) x 0.75 cm (W). It is the smallest size in the single mattress category. Regular single mattresses measure 190 cm x 0.90 cm while a small double mattress is usually
190 x 120 cm. The depth of the mattress varies from a thin (15 cm) to a thick one (25 cm). What is available in the market Bunk beds in the UK are best fitted with small single mattresses. There are models that exist as double or triple bunk beds. You can also use regular kids single beds.

Where to purchase your child's mattress?

Kids mattresses as well as mattress beddings are widely available across stores that sell single beds in the UK. These shops that offer beds that are cheap for individual use are as follows: Beds Direct
Archers Sleep Centre
Bed World
Bed Trader
Memory Foam Express
Kand Co
Furniture Star
Pine Solutions
Marshall Ward
The Costwold Company
Furniture Village
Empire Store
Furniture Finders

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