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A guide to buying double bed frames

Double bed frames are the frames or surroundings of a double bed. They are not a headboard and foot board in most cases, unless you specifically choose to buy this type of furniture which also comes with a bed frame. In most cases, the term bed frame also does not refer to the mattress itself. Instead, it refers only to the physical frame of the bed that the mattress sits in. This article will provide a guide to buying double bed frames.


If you buy a new mattress, especially a memory foam mattress or an adjustable bed, the mattress may come with its own bed frame, but not always.
Sometimes, you may need to buy a new bed frame along with your mattress purchase, or you may need to buy a double bed frame because your other frame has become too old.
Metal bed frame
If you simply buy a bed frame for a double bed, whether it is for memory foam beds, Sealy mattresses or any other kind of mattress, the bed frame will usually be a metal bed frame. Wheels of frames In some cases, it will be on wheels. It will have little edges where the mattress fits into, so it prevents the mattress from slipping off. It will also be raised up so that the bed is not on the floor. If these are the only features that you want, then this simple basic metal bed frame is going to be right for your double bed. Wood bed frame
If you are looking for something a bit fancier, you can opt for a wood bed frame. These usually come as part of a whole bed set, which includes at a minimum a headboard for the slats of the wooden bed frame to slide into.

Other considerations

Right size and support When buying a double bed frame, the other consideration that you need to think about is whether it is the right size and will provide the right support.
Some mattresses are heavier than others, so it can be best to find out whether your mattress comes with its own frame to support its weight or not. Measuring the mattress You should also think about measuring your mattress to make sure of the size before buying a bed frame. A double bed frame will fit only a double mattress, so if you buy a king-size mattress or some other size like a queen or twin, your bed frame usually will not fit it, unless you specifically bought an adjustable bed frame.

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