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A guide to buying metal frame beds

The first metal beds were made from gold and were made for the royalty during the Egyptian era. The Roman era has its share of decorative beds made of precious metals, but it was not until the the 1800s that the metal bed was welcomed for a more practical reason: the bedbug. The metal bed helped to discourage bed bugs, and while it wasn't as elaborate as the Roman beds, it began to have its own distinctive styles that we have come to associate with metal beds.

Iron bedsteads

The iron bedsteads were among the first style of modern metal bed frames. These beds were originally cast near the middle of the 1800s. These beds were wrought iron, but after the Industrial Revolution, these beds began to be made in factories and made in greater quantities. At this time, these bed were cast and they began to be more accessible to the buying public - not just for the monied few.

Brass beds

Brass beds were next, then they were more elaborate that the cast beds. They had more flourishes and even had added details such as porcelain and pearl. These beds were bought by the wealthy. In the 1920s, the brass beds reflected the times and has flourishes, curves and scrolls that were floral in nature. In the 1930s, the brass bed changed again according to the style of the time. The designs of the era were simpler and more geometric. The bed continued to mirror the eras in which they were made.

Custom wrought iron beds

Nowadays, the wrought iron bed can be made by blacksmiths or, if you have the skills, you can buy it yourself. Modern bed makers like Shelley Thomas, can make wrought iron beds in any style that you request. As it says on the site, the beds are "one off." Making the bed yourself Making the bed yourself can be a fun project as you can make it as plain or elaborate as you like. You can choose your own finishes, keep the metal plain or paint it. When you choose the materials from which to make it, you may even be able to save money. That money that you save can go towards the best memory foam mattress that you can afford. The end result will be a comfortable and timeless bed.

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