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A guide to making business cards with Vista

Here, I will inform you how to create customised business cards with the Windows Vista operating system. This will be an easy guide, allowing you to simply make cards for your business.


There are multiple formats which you can create business cards on. This can include paid software, free software and Microsoft software. The article will examine the cheaper option to the most expensive option. However, you must be aware that the standard of biz cards will depend on the software, indicating that a more expensive piece of equipment will give you a higher quality business card.

Using Microsoft Word

With this method, the Internet is required so that you can download templates for your business cards. This way is effective if you do not want to have a large expenditure as you have just started up a new business Steps 1. Go to Start 2. Programs 3. Internet Explorer to access the internet 4. Enter the Microsoft internet address, and hit enter or the search button. 5. Click on “Downloads & Trials” located to the upper right hand corner of the web page. 6. Click on the “Office Templates” option. 7. Here, you will see the template web page. Enter “business cards templates” in the search box (located to the upper left hand corner right under the menu options) and click the search button. 8. Click on the “Download Now” button to download the template. Microsoft Word will open automatically with the template as a new document. 9. The template opens up in Microsoft Word. Before customising the template, go to File>Save As and save the template as new document so that you don’t loose any work. 10. Enter the business contact information into the template as seen below. You can enter the information for all the card entries or just enter it once and copy and paste in the other entries. 11. Go to File>Print Preview to preview the sheet, then place the special business card paper in your printer and print one test page to make sure the information prints successfully.

Vista print

This is a website customised to helping you create your own business cards. To do this, follow our instructions: 1. Go onto Vista Print and select “Free Business Cards” and choose from their wide selection of well-designed cards. 2. Use their template to enter your own personal information such as name. 3. Order several hundred cards free. The catch
There are two catches: 1. You have to pay about $10 for shipping and handling 2. The back of your business cards will have a small plug for Vista Print.


With these instructions, you should be on your way to creating effective business cards for your business!

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