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A guide to making websites

Whether you are a beginner or an experience techie, building your own website does not have to be difficult. If you know the steps to follow to build your site, you can create your own site quick and easy. In this article, read an overview of the steps to follow to make up your own website.

Get your domain name

A domain name is the name used to identify websites on the World Wide Web. It is what comes after "www." in a website's URL address. Choose a domain name
Create a domain name that reflects your business. For example, the domain name of a website for a curios store in London can be Keep the domain name short and simple to make it easy for people to remember. If possible, find a domain name that is less than 15 characters long. Short URL's are memorable and people are less likely to mistype them. Register your domain name
Go to an online domain name registrar such as Act Now Domains and register your domain name. Type your domain name in the registrar's domain name search box to see if your domain name is available. If the name is available, follow the steps provided to pay and register your name. If your domain name is not available, choose another domain name and follow the steps provided to register your website name. Registering your domain name gives you exclusive rights to use the name on the World Wide Web.

Choose a web host

A web host stores your website in its servers and transmits the site to the internet, so that when someone types in your website URL, your website appears. Usually, domain registrars also offer hosting services. Choose a reliable hosting company with good customer support. Sign up for an account with the host company by entering all the required fields in the sign up page; and register for a hosting plan you comfortable with.

Build your site

A way to build your own website without mucking around with technical computer coding is to use a good, free web host's builder or a commercial web editor, such as Dreamweaver. Follow the Web builder’s instructions and design you site visually. Choose a template for your website template from the website builder's list. Use the builder's tools to create web pages, including the "Home" page" and "About us" page and write or copy/paste your website content into the web pages. Publish your website
Once you are satisfied with how your site looks, hit the "Publish button" to send your site live online. Moreover, submit your site to the major search engines like Google and Bing to get your site noticed.

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