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A guide to roof cleaning

Although using roof cleaning services is convenient, it can be a bit costly. This article serves as a guide to roof cleaning.

Getting started

If your roof is not really that dirty and it does not need extensive repairs, you might want to skip the roof company and do your own roof cleaning and repair. With the right roof cleaning equipment, you can do the job over the weekend and save some money. Before you attempt to clean your roof, you need to survey the extent of the problem first. To do this, go up to your roof and check it for dirt, debris stains leaks and others. Pay close attention to stained and blackened areas. If some areas of your roof are covered with moulds and mildew, you will need special roof cleaning products to kill the moulds and mildew.

Clean up

Cleaning up After assessing the extent of the problem, you may now start cleaning your roof. Use a bristle broom to sleep away dirt and debris.
Start at the highest point on the roof and work your way down. To loosen up stubborn dirt from the surface of your roof, spray water on the roof for about five minutes, using your garden hose.
When praying water on your roof, pay close attention to the stained areas.
After spraying the roof with water, use a soft bristle broom to sweep off the remaining dirt and debris. Repeat the process until you remove most if not all of the stubborn dirt. Be sure to clean the gutters carefully and replace damaged filters to prevent dirt from getting into the drains. If your roof is covered with mildew, sweeping it will not solve the problem. To get rid of mildew, you will need to spray the affected area with chlorine bleach solution. Let the solution stand for about 10 to 15 minutes before you rinse it off with warm water. Repeat the procedure until the roof surface no longer feel slimy or slippery to touch. Once you are done, rinse the roof properly to prevent damage.

Do roof repairs

Final word Apply roof sealant on the seams of your roof to preventing leaking.
You can also use roof sealer to fix tiny cracks on roofing tiles.
If portions of your roof are badly damaged and you do not have the necessary skills to do extensive repairs, you can always hire a roofing contractor to do the job.

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