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Creative uses for resealable bags

While ziplock baggies are traditionally used for food storage, resealable bags are good for a number of other things as well. Think beyond your lunch bag and consider using reclosable bags for any small items you need to protect, contain, or organise. Sealable poly bags are available in sizes ranging from very small, such as specimen bags, up to large, under-bed storage bags.

Things for when you are on-the-go

Car emergency supplies Emergency supplies are not much good if they get wet, or if you lose them in your trunk. Tuck your bandages, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic cream, and some cotton swabs into a resealable bag. The supplies will stay dry and organised. So, if you need them, they will be ready to use. Change of clothes If the weather changes or you are out longer than expected, a change of clothes will be fresh and dry if properly stored in an air tight bag.

Things at home

Pocket pet food Instead of your own food, consider putting pocket pet food in sealed bags. Food for pocket pets, such as hamsters and gerbils, comes in small easy-to-spill containers. While putting tiny animal food containers in a sealed baggie will not avoid all spills, it will reduce the amount of food lost if the cap falls off the container.
Arts and crafts supplies Resealable bags make storing and organising arts and crafts supplies a breeze. You can organise your supplies by colour, by medium, or by any other method of organising that you find sensible.

Travel beauty supplies

This is a handy way to store cosmetics, scents, and hair care items when traveling. If your traveling and your beauty supplies spill in your luggage, you end up with a mess. Storing travel beauty supplies in a tightly sealed plastic bag protects your clothing in the event of a spill. It also provides a way to store damp containers away from clothing if you end up packing in a hurry.

Camping and hiking

Anything, from electronics to toilet paper, that needs to be kept dry when camping or hiking can be protected by placing it in a sealed baggie. While damage is still possible, if you place your cell phone or a change of clothes in a bag, and accidentally drop it, you have a greater chance of retrieving the item without damage.

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