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A review of Popular Hot Rodding

Are dragsters and muscle cars your thing? Perhaps you have been thinking about customising that clapped-out old Ford that has been sitting in the garage for years. Or simply, maybe you just enjoy the show. Whatever your motivation, the best way to learn all about this exciting past-time is by picking up one of the many magazines on the subject. One such example is Popular Hot Rodding magazine. This article is going to take a brief look at this publication.


More than just a muscle car magazine Popular Hot Rodding magazine claims to be more than just another muscle car magazine. In fact, it prides itself in being dedicated to a whole range of car customisation ideas with a particular focus on performance. Additional features The magazine is packed with features that cover a wide variety of tips and techniques that are aimed at helping the amateur dragster enthusiast to get a grip in areas such as high performance engine building and design tips as well as vehicle evaluations. It also features a number of new products reviews. Popular Hot Rodding has been published since 1962.

Positive points

While the title may make you think that this publication is just all about popular hot rodding this is not actually the case. It also dedicates a fair amount of coverage to areas such as special customisations and car build-ups. This is why this magazine gives a little extra than most of its competitors that tend to very much place an almost exclusive emphasis on one area of hot rodding. Event listings Rather, Popular Hot Rodding covers a huge array of events and includes a very useful and extensive events listing. In addition, the magazine also contains a number of features that are full of tips on how to install after-market upgrades, for example, and offers informative opinions on such matters at the same time. Further positives include the fact that while the articles are serious and provide instruction on how to go about some pretty challenging tasks, they are written in such a way that makes them easy to comprehend even for the most naive enthusiast.

Negative points

On the downside, there are one or two issues. Firstly, there is just a little too much advertising filling up the pages. Secondly, the quality of the colour print could be a touch better. Finally, sometimes you are left frustrated at being kept hanging on a project until the next issue comes out. Final word Nonetheless, Popular Hot Rodding comes highly recommended. It comes out monthly and a yearly subscription can be picked up for little over a tenner.

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