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A review of "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren

In this book, the author Rick Warren tackles the question "what is my purpose in life?" The book uses Christian teleology and biblical examples. The success of "The Purpose Driven Life" has led to Warren to write the follow-up books "The Purpose Driven Church" and "The Purpose Driven Youth Ministry." This article is a review of "The Purpose of Driven Life" by Rick Warren.

Contract for purpose.

Global success Since its publication in 2002, "The Purpose Driven Life" has been a phenomenal success, selling over 30 million copies worldwide. It has been used as a way to encourage church house groups, as well as readings by individual readers who are looking for answers to life. Contract Rick Warren's "Purpose Driven Life" starts with a contract which the readers are asked to sign before they begin to read the book. The contract is a promise to read a chapter a day of Warren's book. It is an original way to begin a book and as each chapter is only a few pages long, it is easy to keep.

Positive points

Easy to read "The Purpose of Driven Life" is written in a simple and accessible style. This is why, it is ideal to read a chapter of it after a busy day. Warren writes in a warm and intimate style, gently reminding readers to see their life as part of God's creation. Encouraging For those who feel that their life is meaningless and who are questioning their faith, Rick Warren's book is an uplifting and encouraging read. It is full of specific quotes from the Bible. Warren makes faith both relevant and hopeful for the 21st century Christian.

Negative points

Unrealistic targets Promising to give your life a purpose in just 40 days might be a bit ambitious for some people. The chapters are also too short to go into much details about specific areas of the reader's life. Simplistic approach At times, the language in the book can be condescending and Warren's biblical reference may take some time to get familiar with. It can be confusing for the new Christian. At one point he writes, "If you don't have any biblical verses memorised, you've got no bullets in your gun".

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