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A review of the Salter 9114 SV3R weighing scales

Are you in the market for a set of diet scales? Finding it hard to choose? This article reviews the Salter 9114 SV3R Body Analyser Scale which claims to measure not only weight, but also body fat, muscle mass and water. Read the following article to know more.

The Salter Silver Body Analyser Scale - What does it do?

The Salter 9114 SV3R diet scale, known as the 'Salter Silver Body Analyser Scale', are an electronic bath scale which claim to record body fat, water and muscle mass. The scales are sleek and modern, with elegant styling and a large 33mm LCD display. They have a 12-user memory system that allows every member of the family to keep their health measurements up-to-date. The scales also have settings for children aged from six to twelve years old and for athletes. The scales come with batteries which are included and a 15-year guarantee. The manufacturer claims that the Salter Silver Body Analyser Scales are top of the range accurate scales. Summary of product features · Records muscle mass, water and body fat, along with weight
· Child and athletes modes
· Easy-to-read 33mm display
· 12-user memory system
· Sleek, modern design
· 15-year warranty How much do they cost? The Salter 9114 SV3R diet scales retail between £19.99 and £23.49 Do they work? A survey of customer reviews of this product on and showed that 62.5% of the customers were satisfied with their purchase of these scales, while 37.5% of customers were dissatisfied with their purchase of these diet scales.

Positive points

Satisfied customers reported that: · They liked the appearance of the scales,
· They measured the accuracy of the scales with one kilogram weight and they were spot on,
· They discovered that the scales are accurate, however you need to stand on the metal contact plates with damp bare feet for these bath scales to perform their analysing functions properly.

Negative points

Dissatisfied customers reported: · Error messages
· Inaccurate body fat measurements
· Poor quality packaging/dirty footprints on the scales upon opening of the package
· The analyser functions were too complicated to understand Summary Overall, the Salter 9114 SV3R Silver Body Analyser diet scales are attractive and modern bath scales that help to monitor your body fat, water and muscle mass along with your weight. The majority of customers were satisfied with their purchase of these scales, however some customers received error messages and inaccurate body fat measurements. This may have been due to the incorrect use of the scales. The 15-year warranty gives customers peace of mind, that if they are not happy with the scales, they can return them for a full refund.

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