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All about: Lloyd in Space, TV show

Lloyd In Space is an animated television series about a green teenage alien named Lloyd who lives in a space station with his mother, Commander Norah Li Nebulon, and his little sister, Francine who is telepathic and telekinetic. Lloyd's friends are Kurt Blobberts - a purple blob, Douglas McNoggin - a large, walking and talking brain, and Eddie R Horton - a human teenager. This article will tell you all you need to know about Lloyd and his friends.

Who Is Lloyd Nebulon?

Lloyd Nebulon is a thirteen-year-old boy whose mother is in charge of the space station the family lives on. As well as the usual angst and frustration brought on by puberty, Lloyd is constantly dreaming about breaking free of his mother's control. Lloyd's sister, Francine is able to read minds and thoroughly enjoys doing so. In the episode, "Francine's Power Trip" she is temporarily unable to read minds and is terrified that the loss could be permanent.

Love in space

Love Beam #9 The themes of teenage love and angst are never too far from any story line in Lloyd In Space. In the episode "Love Beam #9", Douglas the brain invents a "love beam" which Lloyd uses to make stuck-up Brittany Boviac fall in love with him. Brittany is always picking on Lloyd, and at first, he enjoys Brittany's changed attitude under the influence of the beam. Lloyd eventually finds that Brittany has always secretly loved him.
Kurtlas the Symbiotic Boy Many of the episodes are drawn from events that are not a million light years away from your average teen's life. A highlight of the series is the episode "Kurtlas the Symbiotic Boy" which deals with bullying. Lloyd's friends, Kurt and Douglas combine to become "Kurtlas" who at first defends the helpless kids in school against bullies, but fame turns Kurtlas himself into a bully.

The cast

Lloyd In Space was shown in America from 2001 to 2004 making a total of forty episodes. The first episode shows Lloyd turning thirteen years old and the subsequent episodes are significant moments of Lloyd's teenage years. The principal characters were: Lloyd Nebulon played by Courtland Mead, Norah Nebulon played by April Winchell, Francine Nebulon played by Nicolette Little, Eddie Horton played by Justin Shenkarow, Douglas McNoggin played by Pamela Hayden, Kurt Blobberts played by Bill Fagerbakke and Station played by Brian George.

Celebrity voices

Courtland Mead, the voice of Lloyd Nebulon is the voice of Gus Griswald in Recess. Among the minor recurring characters is Mrs Barbara Bolt played by Tress Macneille who plays Mr Skinner's elderly mother in The Simpsons. Dunkirque, second-in-command to Lloyd's mother, is voiced by Dan Castellaneta - the voice of Homer Simpson.

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