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All about: NFU insurance

NFU Insurance offers insurance, pensions & investments products to the public and has branches dotted all over the United Kingdom. The products offered through its wide branch network focus at customer’s specific needs. This article is a guideline on why you should associate yourself with NFU insurance.

NFU products

NFU insurance offers various products that are grouped into insurance, investments, pensions and protection products. Car insurance NFU car insurance covers accidental loss or damage to your vehicle and provides cover against third party liabilities such as third party property damage and third party bodily injury or death. Home insurance Home insurance is designed to protect your house and house contents against loss or damage as a result of perils such as water damage, fire and malicious damage.
NFU pet insurance
NFU insurance provides insurance cover for the loss of your dog and/or cat, vets fees and rescue costs.
Business insurance NFU provides business-related insurance products which are retail insurance, wholesale and manufacturer, office insurance, surgery, tradesman and risk management services. Investments
Investment insurance products are divided into capital access bond, stocks and shares ISA that are available to investors. The company also offers professional investment advice to existing and prospective clients regarding the investment vehicle to choose and the pros and cons of choosing one investment over the other.
Pensions NFU mutual insurance has retirement planning and stakeholders pension products that cover individuals and their families after retirement.
Protection products Protection products are grouped into family protections such as level temporary assurance, critical illness policies, income protection mortgage protection and inheritance and business protection products which are key employee assurance, partnership protection and shareholder protection.

Importance of insuring with NFU

NFU services are offered online Insurance policies can be concluded online. One can obtain an online quotation, compare prices as well as get online confirmation of cover. The policy wordings that explains the scope of cover for each product is also obtained online. Other online services are claims processes and fund prices. Range of products NFU insurance products which are both short-term and long-term best suit all individuals, businesses and farmers insurance. These products are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of the public

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