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All about: The Boots Advantage Card

Whether you shop directly at Boots or online, you can collect four points for every £1 spent with the Boots Advantage Card. Each point is worth one penny and you can accumulate these points and then treat yourself to almost anything at Boots. Signing up for your card couldn't be easier - this article will show you how to proceed.

Signing up for your Boots Advantage Card

You can apply online at or you can apply by phone, by dialling 0845 124 4545. Should you prefer, you can pick up a form in-store, complete it and take it into any Boots store, or post it using Freepost. While you are waiting for two or three weeks for your Boots Advantage Card to arrive, you can use your temporary card, which comes with your application form, to collect points.

Treat Street and your Boots Advantage Card

You cannot believe the list of shops that you can shop at and receive Advantage Points. There are flower shops, car hire, computers, insurance, electronics, fashion, holidays, toy shops, furniture shops, music stores, jewellers - the list is endless. All you need to do to collect points at Treat Street, is login to Treat Street ( you can use your same login details that you use for your Boots Advantage Card) and start shopping. Your purchases will be picked up by Boots and you will be awarded your points.

More amazing opportunities with your Boots Advantage Card

Parenting club If you join the Boots Parenting Club, you will get 10 points for every £1 spent on baby products. Advantage Card holders get the Boots Health and Beauty magazine free. This magazine is full of exciting articles, tips and competitions for the whole family. Another way to accumulate points is through Boots innovative recycling scheme. You can send your unwanted printer cartridges, mobile phones, sat navs, MP3 players and I-pods to Boots in an envelope which will be provided for you. You then get points put on your Advantage Card within 30 days. Senior citizens
If you are over 60 and a Boots Advantage Card holder, you can join the Boots Health Club at no cost. Also, you get 10% off all Boots brand products. Final word All in all, the Boots Advantage Card is an amazing initiative - it costs absolutely nothing and it literally pays you to shop at Boots.

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