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How can I acquire free make up samples?

For many women, finding just the right foundation, blush, or other beauty product takes trial and error. Unfortunately, this can be costly as unused makeup stacks up in the drawers and the wallet empties. Getting your hands on free samples lets you test out several different products for free.

Getting your free samples

Getting free samples is the easy part. Finding them can be another story. Here are the best places to start. Department stores
Most department stores will have free samples behind the counter. Sales people will encourage you to try the counter samples, so they can get a sale immediately. So, sometimes you have to ask for samples to take with you. Beauty stores
Beauty and make up stores are the perfect place to get free samples. The majority of them already have open samples for you to try sitting beside products. However, some have baskets of samples throughout the product displays so you can grab and take with you. If you do not see any samples, ask a sales person to provide you with a few. Beauty representatives
Companies such as Avon and Mary Kay frequently give their representatives samples to provide to their customers. All you have to do is simply ask your representative for free beauty samples. If you do not know anyone who sells the products, a search online will show you the closest representative to contact. Fashion magazines
Fashion and beauty go hand in hand. Therefore, it is no surprise that companies take advantage of fashion magazines to offer makeup samples to readers. Most of these samples are only good for one application. Go to the source
You can contact a beauty line company directly or through its Internet site to request samples. Some even have a number you can call to for request and inquiries. In some cases, when you order from a company, they automatically include free samples.

Win your make up

If you want to try out a new beauty line, but do not want to spend the money, consider trying to win free make up. Magazine will often have ways for readers to win free stuff, like makeup. There are usually several ways to enter these contests: text messages, going to their online site, making a phone call, or sending a mail. Certain blogs and websites also hold contests to give away their favourite beauty products. You may need to register with the site or at least enter by giving your email address for your chance to win.

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