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All about: Thomas Nelson publishers

In terms of Christian and educational publishers, Thomas Nelson publishing provide good quality books. They sell everything from children’s and adult bibles to other titles, including the new King James version of the bible. So, who is this Tom Nelson and what exactly are the origins of Thomas Nelson publishers?


In 1798, in a small village in Scotland, Thomas Nelson, a Christian publisher, founded Thomas Nelson Publishers because he loved books and wanted to share his love of Christian books to the world and try and get Scotland back on the track to religion again.
He strove to make Nelson books and Nelson bibles available to all, including those in the lower classes.


Further development
In 1829, the firm expanded to southern Scotland and northern England so that Thomas Nelson bibles were available to more people than ever.
This was good for the business but made it harder for Nelson alone to handle.
This changed in 1835 when Thomas’ sons William and Thomas Jr. joined the firm and were able to take expansion to the next level, distributing books around the British Empire.
By 1853, Thomas Nelson and sons had become the largest publishing house in Scotland and specialised not only in Christian books but educational books too.


All about the company's success
After the company had fallen on hard times in the late 19th century, with workshops and warehouses being burnt down, it tested the faith of Nelson and his sons. However, the sites were rebuilt within two months and the back end of the 19th century saw great success for the company and it thrived through to the beginning of the 20th century. Only the Second World War brought more bad times on the company and it took years to recover after the war but recover it did and the company is as strong as ever now.


Final word
With the digital revolution came the need to spread onto the online platform. The company now has its own website along with partners Stanley Thornes.
Therefore, a branch of the company is called Nelson Thornes and offer the bible NKJV and the NKJV study bible. All Thomas Nelson titles are available directly online and it is easy to contact them through their webpage.

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